Heartland Red Cross

Helping people prevent, prepare for and respond to emergency situations.

Disaster Action Team Member

Volunteer’s primary function is to provide assistance to victims of disaster by helping meet their immediate needs.

1. Excellent communication skills.
2. Ability to represent the American Red Cross.
3. Flexibility and willingness to disrupt current activity and respond to disasters.
4. A criminal background check will be conducted at the American Red Cross’ expense.

1. Successfully complete required American Red Cross disaster courses, according to area(s) of interest.
2. Attend monthly Disaster Action Team (DAT) meetings.
3. Depending on the focus area(s):

• Respond to local disasters according to caller’s request when available.
• Meet with and identify needs of clients and provide appropriate assistance.
• Complete necessary casework and return to office by following business day.
• Collaborate with other community entities to ensure disaster preparedness and response.
• Present disaster information to schools and community groups.

DAT members are offered a variety of class opportunities to develop skills in areas they choose to specialize in.

Time requirement varies vary based on community need.

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