Heartland Red Cross

Helping people prevent, prepare for and respond to emergency situations.

Service to the Armed Forces Volunteer

Volunteer’s function is to relay emergency communication after business hours between military members and their families.

1. Willingness and ability to interrupt personal life and sleep to provide emergency communication when paged.
2. Ability to remain calm and communicate effectively and compassionately with people in crisis situations.
3. Ability to maintain confidentiality.
4. Ability to follow directions and clearly write a case record sheet for each case completed.
5. A criminal background check will be conducted at the American Red Cross’ expense.

1. Return calls within 15 minutes to community member when paged.
2. Interview families via telephone to determine their eligibility for emergency services.
3. Verify emergencies with appropriate authorities prior to relaying message.
4. Complying with established criteria, carefully word and relay messages to AFES center.
5. Follow up on case if necessary.
6. Complete a case record sheet for each case handled and inform of cases completed.

Volunteer is to complete approximately one hour training with Director of Emergency Services.

Volunteer is on-call from 4:30pm to 8:30am Monday through Friday and the entire weekend following turn carrying pager (usually one weekend per month, depending on volunteers and availability). Volunteer can also be back up case worker to the Director of Emergency Services during business hours.

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