Heartland Red Cross

Helping people prevent, prepare for and respond to emergency situations.

Working with Youth Initiatives

The primary function of this volunteer is to conduct American Red Cross Educational Presentations to youth, ages 5-12, at the American Red Cross building and in the community.  Take a look at what we have to offer.

1. Desire to work with youth.
2. Strong verbal communication skills.
3. Experienced instructor or educator preferred.
4. Ability to work independently and with diverse audiences.
5. Own transportation to various communities.
6. A criminal background check will be conducted at the American Red Cross’ expense.

1. Willingness to support Red Cross mission.
2. Organize class materials including video prior to start of the class.
3. Use current published course outlines, teaching strategies and materials correctly and appropriately.
4. Administer and demonstrate practical skills.
5. Submit course records and evaluations according to American Red Cross standards.
6. Promote and represent American Red Cross services and opportunities.

1. Orientation to American Red Cross.
2. Self-study American Red Cross course materials.
3. New Instructor Meetings
4. On-the-job training.

Flexible schedule needed. Most hours include weekday and evening opportunities.

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